This is a labor of love. Love of country. Love of adventure. Love of people. Love of food, fashion, culture and history.  This is a love affair with Israel!

I want to share this affair with everybody and anybody who has ever wondered what it would be like to visit or live in Israel. Or with somebody who has never given Israel a second thought. Or with people who have visited here or who live here and want to know more about this amazing country.

Are you curious about this little strip of land in the Middle East? Then come join me on this adventure. See the country, feel the country, smell and taste it. Love it and live it with me. Come with me on my journey and let me share Israel with you through my eyes: her magnificence, her complexity, her stubbornness, her perfectness and imperfectness.


Yalla, let’s go!! So much to see and do… ThisIsIsrael.Today!

Mona Henoch


I fell in love with Israel 10 years ago when I moved here from Brooklyn, NY. I’m a recovering lawyer, mother of two fantastic children, interior designer, and runner. I love art, culture, food and adventure and Israel has all of that and then some! I’m told I see things through rose-colored glasses. If it’s true, I don’t want to ever have to take them off. I hope you enjoy these little pieces of life here in Israel and I invite you to taste, feel and experience Israel the way I do, flaws and all, but still in all of her magnificent beauty.

Malky Wandel


Malky has been an independent filmmaker since 2005. With a degree in Film from Ma'aleh School of Television, Film & the Arts, Jerusalem, she has extensive experience filming/photography and editing short videos on a range of topics. She also dabbles in Graphic / Web design on the side. To see Malky’s other work, visit

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