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Birthright Israel Innovation Center Part 1

Birthright Israel Innovation Center Part 2

The mission of Birthright Israel is to give every Jewish young adult around the world, especially the unaffiliated, the opportunity to visit Israel.  Founded in 1999 by a remarkable group of committed Jewish philanthropists led by Charles Bronfman and Michael Steinhardt, Birthright Israel aims to strengthen Jewish identity, Jewish communities, and connection with Israel and its people.  So far 600,000 participants have participated in Birthright Israel, nearly 100,000 of which are Israelis. They come from 67 countries, all 50 U.S states and Canadian provinces, and nearly 1,000 North American collages and universities.


Additionally, Birthright Israel programs have contributed $1 billion to the Israeli economy, including 750,000 nights booked in hotel rooms, $76 million spent on gifts and souvenirs, and the creation of 750,000 workdays for Israelis. Through the Mifgash portion of Birthright Israel trips, over 80,000 young Israelis have connected with their Jewish peers from around the world and introduced them to an even more personal side of Israel. This has proven to be the most effective and transformative element in the Birthright Israel experience.

Birthright Center - 1
Birthright Center - 10
Birthright Center - 2
Birthright Center - 3
Birthright Center - 4
Birthright Center - 5
Birthright Center - 9
Birthright Center - 8
Birthright Center - 7
Birthright Center - 6

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