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HaMarkaha -The Soup Man

Need some hot soup on a cold day? Or some cold soup on a hot day?  Try any of these amazing, freshly made Israeli soups.  All made daily with family recipes passed down by the generations and with locally grown, fresh ingredients.  It was so tasty the day we visited because it was a “cold” day for Israel and the soup warmed us up so nicely!  We loved the Moroccan Soup! Israeli food and Israeli culture all rolled in to one tasty dish! 

And if you need something cold to drink, click here to hear all about Israeli microbrew beer: Lela Beer 


HaMarkaha- The Soup Man - 3
HaMarkaha- The Soup Man - 1
HaMarkaha- The Soup Man - 4
HaMarkaha- The Soup Man - 2
HaMarkaha- The Soup Man - 5

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