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Kibbutz Hannaton

Interview With Rabbi Yoav Ende Of Kibbutz Hannaton

View From Hannaton

Strolling To The Mikvah With Rabbi Haviva Ner-David

Inside Hannaton’s Shmaya Mikva Part 1

Therapeutic Riding Center 

Hannaton Joint Community Day Camp

Founded In 1983 as a Masorti kibbutz, Kibbutz Hannaton in the Lower Galilee, has recently become A “Kibbutz Mitchadesh” (A Revitalized Kibbutz).  In 2009 it was brought back from the brink of closing by a small group of committed families and now is a thriving community that now even even a waiting list to live here!  

It maintains some of the cooperative and social elements of the original kibbutz system, while implementing some fundamental changes including a differential salary system and home ownership. The Kibbutz is committed to communal responsibility, social awareness, environmental conscientiousness and spiritual consciousness.

The keystone of life here is the integration of Jewish ritual and spiritual life, education, values, ecology, environment and Zionism. Through the scope and variety of activities in the community, members are involved a comprehensive and pluralistic community life based on living Masorti Judaism.

Kibbutz Hannaton is also home to a the Jezreel Winery! Click here 

Kibbutz Hannaton

04-9059605  |  Echannaton@Echannaton.Org


Jezreel Winery


 Or Halev: A Center For Jewish Spirituality And Meditation


Therapeutic Riding Center - Horses In The Woods| Michal Harazi | 053-5220723


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