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Matkot Paddle-Ball Factory

Many people consider matkot to be the unofficial national Israeli sport. People say that Israeli’s have been playing matkot for over 80 years.  The best racquets are manufactured in special factories in Israel and shipped overseas. Matkot is a game with no rules, no score, no winners and no losers. It’s usually played in pairs but it can be played in threes and fours. It Is generally played close to and parallel with the waterline.


The object of the game is to keep the play going as long as possible, while challenging your partner to get better and as they get better so do you. Ting-Dong Dagan is considered one of the oldest and best matka factories in Israel and you can find their rackets in the hands of pros and casual users up and down the beaches in Tel Aviv, the rest of Israel and all over the world.  This is a unique and special game that is a "must do" on your next trip to Israel.  

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03.682.2570 | 18 HA-KHALUTZIM ST., TEL AVIV

Matkot Factory - 6
Matkot Factory - 5
Matkot Factory - 4
Matkot Factory - 1
Matkot Factory - 3
Matkot Factory - 2

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