Route 443 Road Trip Part 1

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Route 443 Road Trip Part 3

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Route 443 Road Trip Gopro

Join me on our road trip on Route 443 to try to find the best roadside stand.  Route 443 is one fo the main routes from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv and it takes you past beautiful scenery, some checkpoints and past Modi'in, a city of over 83,000.  Along this road are some great food stands, each with their unique fare.  We had some incredibly tasty treats.  Another thing that makes this country great: absolutely fresh, fabulous food right off of the highway.  Enjoy!

Peek inside a store where the different spices come from to make this amazing Israeli food: Havshush Spices

FALAFEL AL HADERECH | 054-6550190 | 054-5603720 | EMAIL

"DRIVE CAFE" | 052-7772058


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