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Shuk HaCarmel

The Carmel Market, or Shuk HaCarmel, is the most famous of all Tel Aviv’s marketplaces. In recent years, it’s even joined the ranks of Tel Aviv’s trendy spots for bars, restaurants, coffee shops and chef-owned food stalls. From hand-made Jachnun, a traditional Yemenite dish, to boutique cheeses, and from one-off cotton clothes to designer threads, HaCarmel has it all. You can find whatever your taste buds desire - salted fish, cured meats, Middle Eastern fare, fresh baked French pastries, and local-roasted coffee or fresh-pressed fruit or vegetable juice blends to wash it all down.  The Shuk is a smorgasbord of Israeli culture and Israeli food and you can easily spend hours strolling around here on your next trip to Israel.

Click here to visit designer Kiki Almqvist and get a peek at some great Israeli fashion!

Shuk HaCarmel -1
Shuk HaCarmel -2
Shuk HaCarmel -3
Shuk HaCarmel -4
Shuk HaCarmel -5

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