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Solomon Souza - Artist

The Art Tour Of Sefad With Solomon Part 1

The Art Tour Of Sefad With Solomon Part 2

The Art Tour Of Sefad With Solomon Part 3

Inside Solomon's Process

Come enjoy an insider’s tour of Safed with artist Solomon Souza! Born and raised in London, and now living in Israel, splitting his time between Safed and Tel Aviv.  Solomon has no formal training but it is clear from his work he is a gifted artist. Art runs in his blood, his grandfather, Frances Newton Souza (1924-2002), called by some the “Indian Picasso”, is considered the father of modern Indian art. 

Solomon uses any medium that makes a mark, from spray paint to crayons to oils. The city of Safed is covered in his fabulous street art, many having religious themes which fit in nicely with the atmosphere of the city.  In 2015, Souza started an ongoing graffiti project in the Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem, which has transformed it into a pop-up art gallery. To date, Souza has painted over 180 shuttered metal doors with iconic figures like Albert Einstein, Golda Meir, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and the Biblical prophet Moses. Each shutter is inspired by a heroic person or a Biblical theme conceived from a multinational, global perspective.  Keep your eye on this artist!  He will only get better and better!!  

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Solomon Souza - 16
Solomon Souza - 17
Solomon Souza - 15
Solomon Souza - 10
Solomon Souza - 9
Solomon Souza - 19
Solomon Souza - 5
Solomon Souza - 8
Solomon Souza - 6
Solomon Souza - 7
Solomon Souza - 4
Solomon Souza - 12
Solomon Souza - 18
Solomon Souza - 2
Solomon Souza - 1

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