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I made the decision to move to Israel after having been in the country for only one week! On my first trip to there!!  I still remember the moment. 

I was driving down the winding roads from the Golan Heights with my family, the wind blowing through the open car windows and the amazing Israeli countryside spread in front of me, in all of her magnificence.  And I could see the endless possibilities in front of me.

That is when I fell in love. I fell in love with a place that wasn't like anything I imagined it could be or had been told it was like. I understood that it was important that her story be told in a way that everyone could experience that.  But those stories had to be lived, experienced.  And I knew I could help to tell her story.  

The real Israel story!

A video journey capturing the lifestyle, culture, magnificence and complexity of Israel through the eyes of a lover of life, culture, style and adventure



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