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Agronen U-Pick​

Agronen Strawberry Picking

If you didn’t grow up in Israel, you might have been able to get fresh, juicy strawberries whenever you wanted, whatever time of year…Not so here in amazing Israel!….we eat a lot of our food by the cycles of nature and here our strawberry season begins in November and you just can’t beat the taste of fresh strawberries after the long break without them.

So is no surprise that the strawberry fields are packed with people so excited to pick their own tasty produce. They are so fresh and amazing and there are so many types to choose from you just can’t get enough of them. And just as important, this is a favorite activity for families, couples, and people of all ages.  A time to enjoy nature and relax in the strawberry fields!  Don’t miss it on your next trip to Israel or add it to your family’s yearly traditions!  It will always be a tasty trip!!

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