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Israel Surf Club Part 1

Israel Surf Club Part 2

Let's Go SUPing!

Get the inside story on how surfing started in Israel with this interview with Gali Zinner, owner of Israel Surf Club.  Hear about how the legendary Doc Paskowitz brought surfing to Israel’s beaches and helped to start what is now one of the most popular past times in Israel.  And why not?  The country is lined with kilometers of gorgeous beaches and amazing weather.  


And in Israel surfing is used to cross cultural boundaries. Take a stroll down beautiful Dolphinarium beach and hear about the current surf scene in Israel and the cooperation with the Gaza Surf Club and the Surfing 4 Peace Project.

And it was such a nice day I had to go out stand up paddle boarding?  Come with me and see how easy and fun it is!  It’s a great way to enjoy some of the amazing beaches  - it’s great fun and fantastic exercise! 

Click here to see some great competitive surfing at the Pro Netanya Surf Competition

Israel Surf Club - 2
Israel Surf Club - 3
Israel Surf Club - 4
Israel Surf Club - 5
Let's go suping - 1
Let's go suping - 2
Let's go suping - 3
Let's go suping - 4
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