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Jaffa Flea Market, Tel Aviv

The Old Jaffa Flea Market also known as Shuk HaPishpeshim is a shopper’s paradise. The Flea Market is a trendy spot for fashionistas, artists and lovers of all things old or handmade.  There is an eclectic mix of cool bars and cafes, restaurants with more traditional menus, outdoor junk vendors, and shops with refurbished furniture, antiques, light fixtures and second hand clothes.  And sprinkled in you will find high- end clothing boutiques, gorgeous jewelry stores, artist studios and galleries.  Definitely worth spending the whole day here shopping, eating and enjoying the great people watching!

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Jaffa Flea Market - 1
Jaffa Flea Market - 7
Jaffa Flea Market - 2
Jaffa Flea Market - 3
Jaffa Flea Market - 4
Jaffa Flea Market - 5
Jaffa Flea Market - 6

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