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Masor Design

The Florentin neighborhood in south Tel Aviv is a thriving hub of great cafes, amazing street art and all kinds of designers.  You'll find amazing boutiques and stores with great handcrafted clothes, jewelry and furniture.  And there may be more pet stores and tattoo parlors per capita here than anywhere in Tel Aviv!  New places are constantly opening and others closing, so this helps to contribute to the great energy that can be felt all over the neighbor.  Matan makes great furniture from recycled wood as well as all types of custom jobs.  Take a peek into his woodworking shop with me.

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052-940-7323 | EMAIL | FACEBOOK

Matan Woodwork - 6
Matan Woodwork - 5
Matan Woodwork - 4
Matan Woodwork - 3
Matan Woodwork - 2
Matan Woodwork - 1
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