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Mount Hermon

Mount Hermon is the most northern point of Israel and is the highest point in Israel.   It's highest peak gets up to  2224 meters above sea level and is home to the only skiing site in Israel.  The Hermon is important because of its strategic advantage and on a clear day you can see deep into Syria. In 1973, during the "Yom Kippur" War Israel won control over Mt Hermon from the Syrians after being attacked.  In the winter, Mt. Hermon gets covered in snow and thousands of Israelis come to ski and hike around in the snow, which is a rare occurrence in Israel.  The Hermon is also a beautiful place to come visit year-round to take in the sweeping views, the crisp, cool air and enjoying the amazing Golan Heights. 

And don't forget to stop at Mt. Bental on your way up to the Hermon.  It's one of my favorites! Mount Bental

Mount Hermon - 1
Mount Hermon - 2
Mount Hermon - 3
Mount Hermon - 5
Mount Hermon - 4
Mount Hermon - 6

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