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Nazareth - Church Of The Annunciation Part 1

Nazareth - Church Of The Annunciation Part 2

Nazareth is the capital and the largest city in the North of Israel . Nazareth is also known as the "Arab capital of Israel" and in population is about 76,000.  Arab Israelis make up most of the population of which about 70% are Muslim and 30% are Christian. There is a separate city of approximately 40,000, Nazareth Illite, that is predominantly Jewish.  Nazareth is a city of great significance to Christianity.  It is said that here, the angel Gabriel told Mary that she would have a virgin birth and this is where Jesus spent his childhood and youth. The Church of the Annunciation was built in 1969 over many years of  ruins in the place where they say Gabriel spoke to Mary so this Church is one of the most sacred places in all Christianity.  

Nazareth, in in the Lower Galilee and is located in a valley surrounded by gorgeous mountains and sweeping views. It is a city of religion and spirituality but also a city with a rich history, fascinating archeology, modern culture and middle eastern charm.  It's the perfect place to stop for a night on the way north to explore all the interesting sights the Galilee has to offer.

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Nazerath - 1
Nazerath - 2
Nazerath - 3
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