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Rockets Into Roses Part 1

Rockets Into Roses Part 2

Rockets Into Roses Part 3

Over 18,000 Kassam rockets have been fired into southern Israel in the last 14 years, deliberately targeting Israeli civilians, causing chaos, destruction and death. Yaron Bob, an Israeli artist, living on the Gaza border, understands what it means to live in the shadow of terror.  But he has found a way of transforming objects of war into expressions of peace. Hand sculpted roses, candlesticks and menorahs crafted from actual Kassam rockets that have landed in Israel, symbolize the perseverance of the people of Israel. He creates metal art sculptures that blossom with hope: A magnificent rose with a mission.  Part of the proceeds of from the sale of these stunning pieces of Israeli art go to the construction of bomb shelters which are desperately needed to protect the communities on the Gaza border.  It's well worth a visit on your next drive south.  Israeli art at it's finest!  

And to take a peek inside a local bomb shelter click here: Shokeda Bomb Shelter

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Rocket to Roses - 11
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Rocket to Roses - 10
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Rocket to Roses - 2
Rocket to Roses - 3
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Rocket to Roses - 1

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