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The Ramon Crater

The Ramon Crater, in Israel’s Negev Desert,  is the world’s largest erosion crater or makhtesh. A landform unique to Israel’s Negev and Egypt’s Sinai deserts’.  It was created 220 million years ago when oceans covered the area (the word crater is therefore a misleading translation of Hebrew to English.) The Ramon Crater measures 40km in length and between 2 and 10km in width, shaped like a long heart, and forms Israel’s largest national park, the Ramon Nature Reserve.

Visiting the Ramon Crater can either be a quick a stop off on a journey through the Negev to witness the crater from above, or a longer visit to take in the history and science of the area, hike, drive or cycle through the crater, and appreciate the unique geology that is on offer.


The crater is also a unique habitat for wildlife. It is home to some 40 species of small desert creatures, including snakes, rodents, porcupines, lizards, scorpions and turtles. Guided tours are available or take it all in on your own.  But either way, make sure you don’t miss this extraordinary natural marvel on your next trip to Israel.

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