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Victory Monument, Netanya

The Victory Monument is a memorial that marks the victory of the Red Army over Nazi Germany in World War II. The project was first proposed by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on a trip to Moscow in February 2010 and was inaugurated at an official ceremony on 25 June 2012 with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The memorial consists of two elements that symbolize the transition from darkness to light reflecting the Russian military victory to stop the Holocaust of the Jewish people, followed by the establishment of the Jewish state in Israel.  Moving and beautifully done, well worth a stop next time you are in Netanya.  

We took a great tour of Netanya town and shuk, click here to join me! Netanya Shuk

Victory Monument - 7
Victory Monument - 8
Victory Monument - 2
Victory Monument - 1
Victory Monument - 3
Victory Monument - 4
Victory Monument - 5
Victory Monument - 6

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