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Kiki Almqvist, Designer Part 1

Kiki Almqvist, Designer Part 2

Tel Aviv is at the forefront of design and fashion and partly that is due to the influence of so many different types of cultures and styles being mixed together.  Kiki Almqvist embodies that in her amazing clothing designs by combining her Swedish roots and European style with the laid back, easy flow that she has acquired in the many years she has lived in Israel.  Her design studio is located right off of Shenkin Street in one of the coolest part of Tel Aviv.  Join us while we chat, have some tea, see some great Israeli fashion.

And to come with us on a tour of the nearby Shuk Ha Carmel, click here

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KIKI Designer - 1
KIKI Designer - 2
KIKI Designer - 3
KIKI Designer - 4
KIKI Designer - 5

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