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Red South Flower Festival

In Israel the Kalaniot (Anemones) bloom in January and February and one the best places to find them is in the Western Negev near Kibbutz Ruhama and Shokeda [click here to see our look inside a bomb shelter in Shokeda] These wildflowers are so popular in Israel that there is a festival called Adom Darom (two Hebrew words meaning the Red South) to celebrate the spectacle. Take a walk with us through the meadows blanketed with these gorgeous wildflowers and see for yourself.  

We also visited a sheep farm when we were there and I got to hold a baby sheep! Tzeela's Sheep Farm

Kalaniot Flowers - 1
Kalaniot Flowers - 2
Kalaniot Flowers - 3
Kalaniot Flowers - 4
Kalaniot Flowers - 5

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