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Tzeela's Dairy Farm Part 1

Tzeela's Dairy Farm Part 2

Tzeela's Dairy Farm Part 3

Sheep farming in Israel is some of the most productive in the world, with carefully developed breeds of sheep that produce high quantities of milk.  The Awassi is Israel’s native sheep breed. Israeli sheep farmers have been improving the Awassi breed over the last 85 years to make it produce more milk and also to produce offspring more often which helps to keep Israel at the forefront of the sheep farming industry.  At the Tzeela Dairy you can get a tour of the farm and see the sheep and lambs, get a tour of the milking sheds and hear about the process of making the amazing, handmade cheese and other dairy products that are produced there.  And when the tour is over, you can have a picnic lunch under the shady trees and eat some of the fabulous cheese along with other delicacies from neighboring farms all sold in the farm store!  And if you’re lucky like me, maybe you can hold a baby lamb too!!

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Sheep Farm - 1
Sheep Farm - 2
Sheep Farm - 3
Sheep Farm - 4

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